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Reiki Courses

Learning Reiki is not only learning some techniques of healings, but it is a whole process of your own healing also. As it is journey to your inner-self. This is the process in which you are also confronting yourself so that all which is negative can be thrown out. This enables a person to live in a state of clarity, happiness and balance.

At our place we offer courses in Traditional and Non-traditional Reiki. A rough outline of the courses of different levels is given below.

Reiki Level 1

This is a basic or beginner’s level course. In this level person is initiated in Reiki level-1. He is given basic information of Reiki like:

a: what is Reiki
b: history of Reiki
c: principles of Reiki
d: some do’s and don’ts
e: hand positions
f: detailed knowledge of Chakra-System.

We believe that in this level seeds of information are planted in the students so that they can grow in stronger plants {healers}. As a known fact that building will be stronger if the foundations are strong. So this level acts as a foundation for a student.
The time for this course is 3 days.

Reiki Level 2

This level is advance- healer level. In this knowledge gets deeper, energy gets stronger. In this student gets initiated for the Symbols of this energy. These symbols work like keys for opening the person at mental and emotional levels also. So this level empowers students in stronger tools to work. The understanding of roots of the blockages is given, which enables the students to go deeper for their work. One more very powerful and special technique to send healings far off {absentee-healing or distant-healing}, a very strong and amazing way to heal is also taught in this level.

Apart from 3 regular Reiki symbols we also give 1 more symbol which is very powerful for student’s growth. They can use this symbol for their meditations and healings also.
The time for this course is 5 days.

Reiki Level 3 {traditional-master level}

This is also called ‘master- healer’ level. In this level energies are further expended by getting initiated into ‘master symbol’. This starts opening students at spiritual levels. So student’s healing capacities also increases as the energies are manifesting and working on all levels i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This healing work of the student is also supported by some very powerful tools like CRYSTALS and more about work with crystals we can read in CRYSTAL HEALING.

Students are also learning one technique called ‘PSYCHIC- SURGERY’ which works very strongly with specific issues.
The normal time for this course is 2 weeks.

Reiki Level 4 {non-traditional, reiki grand-master level}

This level is for those who wants to go deeper in this work and establish themselves as an independant reiki teachers. This level opens all the doors for complete transformations and establishes deep connections with student’s inner-teacher, spiritual teacher. In this level more powerful symbols are given to the student through further initiations.
Students learn how to transfer their knowledge and spiritual wisdom to others. Personal healing is also more strong in this level. There are couple of more special healing techniques are taught in this level.
The normal time for this course is 2 weeks.


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    Thanks for your insights, perspectives, commitment, punctuality and dedication to the cause. Keep your way..

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    There are no words good enough to explain the great gift of Reiki i have learn with you, Rittu ji…You will always have a place in my heart….

  4. avatar nav-left

    Thank you very much for a wonderful experience and to give me a great opportunity to learn Reiki 1 and 2 with you. I enjoyed every moment of it and i’m sure i will continue in this path with your spiritual guidance in my heart…with thanks and lots of love in my heart……….

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    Thank you Rittu, I have been blessed to have met you. You are a very kind, gentle, warm and radiant person, who has touched me deeply with your wisdom, knowledge and more important your heart. You will always be remembered &held close to my heart…
    Thank you for being my teacher & my introduction to the art of Reiki…love always…..

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    thank you universe for directing me into the safe hands and heart of my beautiful friend, sister, healer and teacher.

    such patient compassionate love


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    Dear Rittu,

    Thank you for the love and wisdom you’ve shared while I was getting I and II Reiki degrees. Reiki energies passed through me to many people who needed it. It is pleasing to see healthy and happy people around.

    Best wishes
    -Alec from Ukraine

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    Pete Christie says:

    I was truly blessed to stay in Vashisht with Guru Rittu Ji, to learn Grand Master Reiki and Master Karuna Reiki.

    Rittu is an amazing women so full of love, wisdom and humility. I would recommend to anyone wishing to start or to even continue their path in Reiki to come to Vashisht (or Goa)to walk this path with Rittu by their side.

    The healing Retreat Centre and Reiki Centre nestled between the Himalayan snow capped mountains of Vashisht is the perfect place for such a journey.

    I will certainly bring back to my home a wealth of knowledge and continue to practice Reiki and to teach my community about the love and light that Reiki can bring to our lives.

    Pete Christie
    Reiki Grand Master
    Sydney, Australia

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    Very hard to put in words the experience I had with Rittu during Reiki I and II.

    The most beautiful teacher and friend, sharing such great wisdom with us. She made things clear by elaborate story telling and wonderful examples, when we weren’t quite sure. Our days with her where fascinating, intense, magical and full of laughter. Not only did she provide us with a safe environment to open up in ourselves, she welcomed us into her home where we spent time with her wonderful husband Chanda. She let us use her room to practice whenever she wasn’t using it. We spent special moments meditating together. She was there for us whenever we needed her.

    She fully lives up to her nickname, Twinkle 😉

    Already looking forward to Reiki III in Manali with my reiki sister from another mister

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    I completed reiki 1 and 2 at the end of 2011 before doing this I had no real belief on how powerful this was. I am very grateful to Rittu for opening the doors to such a wonderful experience, it was truly a gift.

    I will complete 3 and 4 with my wonderful master this year. 😉 x

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    Clare Barnes says:

    I really had no idea what to expect when I embarked on the Healing and Meditation retreat with Ritu but I just had an overwhelming feeling that I had to go…It always sounds such a cliche but for me it was a life changing experience and one I won’t forget. Ritu is such a special lady and I will always be so grateful for being introduced to Reiki by such an amazing teacher and being able to learn in such a beautiful setting.
    All I can say if anyone is hesitating about embarking on a course with Ritu don’t, it will be an unforgettable experience… x

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    Kazuko Konn says:

    I’ve just come home from 2 months long vacation. 3 weeks with Rittu learning Reiki, 3 weeks in an ashram doing juice fasting and yoga, and 2 weeks in Japan visiting my 86 years old mother and having a great delight with Japanese food!
    Rittu has a very special gift for Reiki. There are many Reiki masters in US, but not easy to find one who is at her level. She is certainly worth traveling all the way to India to learn from and to get treated by. Reiki made me find a way around when I felt like facing a big tall wall and there was no way out in my power. Rittu and Chander are very warm and honest people. It was a great experience for me. Thank you and looking forward to visit you again when I feel it’s time to.

    Florida, USA


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