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How Reiki works

“The best methods are those which help the life energy to resume its inner work of healing”.
by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Since we all are made up of energy, so any imbalance at mind, body or soul level can be harmonized with Reiki. As Reiki is a method of healing in which universal or cosmic energy is channeled for the purpose of healing. This energy not only heals us, but at the same moment it reconnects us with our own healing powers.

Reiki brings awareness to the roots of the problems, which probably are deep seated in the sub-conscious of the person and brings those in the light of consciusness. It opens the person for changes and new directions in the life. Thus Reiki loosen up all the blocked energy and bring cleansing at all levels. It restores the balance and promotes body’s natural healing process.
It is quite possible that treatment with Reiki can result in some sort of detoxification on the physical, emotional and mental level. this is natural as Reiki energies are helping and doing cleansing process to bring complete healing.

Thus Reiki guides a person to the knowledge and insight that leads to a conscious sense of unity and oneness with the whole.

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    Learning Reiki with Rittu was an amazingly opening process.It uncoverd an entirly new fasinating world of possibilties, energies, healing and love. Thank you Rittu 🙂

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    I had a wonderful experiance learning Reiki from Rittu 1 1/2 year ago in Arambol, Looking forward to go back and learn more <3


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