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About us

Reiki centre offers you a sacred place to unwind yourself from all the chaos and stress of the life. we believe in welcoming everyone in the light of love and harmony beyond any conditioning. you can relax your mind, body and soul with different treatments that we offer and not only that you can go on your journey of soul searching by learning some Reiki, meditations, massages and joining our retreats.

Centre is run by RITTU, a Reiki Grand Master, past life regressionist, spiritual adviser and intuitive healer and is helped by some efficient helpers, who come from all over the world. Rittu started her own journey way back in 1996, since then she has been there for all those who seek her help and guidance in their own search.

Centre is located in a beautiful Himalayan village called VASHISHT, it is 3km from a world known tourist place MANALI. in the north of INDIA. And on sun kissed beaches of GOA. In Goa we will welcome you in ARAMBOL, a beautiful sunny beach in the north of Goa.

In Vashisht, Manali from the month of 5TH APRIL till 15TH OCTOBER.

In Arambol, Goa from 20TH OCTOBER till 25TH MARCH.