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Meditation Of The Month

Key To True Happiness

Living in the moment is the key to happiness. Many people have the tendency to dwell either  in past or in future and thus missing living in the present.  Our today is the result of our past deeds and tomorrow will shape up with our actions of today, so it is important to live in the moment and experience the life in its fullest. As we are creating our future from ”Moment to Moment”…and should be taking full responsibility for our lives…

If tomorrow is what scares you, then you must remember that your ”Karma” of today is the cause of what you will experience tomorrow. So you must think and act with awareness in the present..”Awareness is the key that opens the doors of the present moment.” So wake up to the every moment of your life.

”Stop your mind for a while, look what is happening in the moment, bring all of your awareness into the now, let the now speak to you”
You have just now attained  the key to your TRUE HAPPINESS….

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