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This is a Personalized Retreat, as the name says ‘Just For You’. We all are going through our own personal journeys and needs to work through those issues which might be holding us back from evolving into our true self and inner peace and harmony. Sometimes we encounter negative situations or moments in our lives and get stuck with all this piled up negative energy which dis-empowers us and creates barriers to be truly happy, healthy and living a peaceful life. There might be a thought coming to you, is it the one for me, why should I consider this personalized retreat for me, so here are a few questions you can ask to yourself and

If anything feels familiar, then its for you:

Feeling stuck in past.

Confused and doubtful.

Insecure and emotionally clogged.

Fearful, lack of confidence.

Scared of judgments and you being judgmental.

Unclear thoughts.

Feeling low in energy and depressed.

This Retreat will enable you to bring all the needed understanding and empower you to grow out of all that unhealthy energy in your own personal healing space.

We will be bringing in various healing therapies like reiki, crystals, various meditations, some breath work and spiritual counseling.

This is what you can come out with after this retreat:

Clarity of mind.chakra-details-330x420

Freedom from all fears and insecurities.

Emotional balance and intelligence.

An awakened Heart, Mind and Soul.

Happy, healthy and harmonious relationships

Freedom from negative thoughts.

A healthy confident, radiant and empowered self.

Through healing you can truly transform your life.
Retreat includes:
Since its a customized Retreat, so our whole program will depend on what is best for your healing process. You can choose the dates, duration, but we will prefer that for your first experience in this personal retreat, you should start with 7 days.

Besides this it includes:

All meals ( Optional)

Accommodation for the entire Retreat

Airport transfer

Dates are flexible and can also be picked by you.

Price for this Personalized Retreat is $ 220/ day with all meals.

Price for this Personalized Retreat is $ 185/day without meals.

Deposit of 50 % is required 30 days before the start of the Retreat to book in.



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