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History of Reiki

Reiki is ‘universal life energy’ so the history of its origin goes back in time as the history of universe itself.

It is believed that thousands years ago some civilizations, like ‘tibetans’, possessed a deep understanding of nature of spirit, energy and matter. They used this knowledge for healing.Later we come across this knowledge in India and then in other cultures like Japan, China, Egypt and Greek.. just to name a few. Gradually this precious knowledge was lost, as number of people aware of it was becoming lesser and lesser with the time.

This awareness of Reiki would have been remained lost for ever, if Dr. MIKAO USUI, from Japan would not have rediscovered it by the end of 19th century.usui history of reiki

His journey for the search of healing methods that  was used by jesus and buddha led him to different places like America, China and later to India, where  he studied some holy writings. He continued his search after his coming back to Japan. Then he discovered an ancient buddhist manuscript “The   Tantra Of Lightening Flash”, that seems to hold    every answer he was looking for. He then set off for the holy mountain KURIYAMA, where he fasted and meditated for 21 days which resulted in his enlightenment. He named this blessing as REIKI, since it contained the knowledge of healing mind,  body and soul with cosmic energy.

Dr. Usui later spent all his rest of life in the service of mankind with Reiki. Dr. Chijiro Hayashi, one of     his closest, took his place after Dr Usui left for his heavenly journey. He gave a new structure to Usui’s teachings by introducing degree system. He chose Madam Hawayo Takata, first woman grand master as his successor. Madam passed away in 1980, leaving 22 Reiki Masters to continue spreading this light in the world. It is all because of their efforts, that today in this time we are still in touch of this amazing cosmic energy and are able to use it and spread it all around us.

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