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Reiki FAQ

Q1. Is it necessary to believe in it?

Ans: It is often said that any healing helps you the best when you believe in it, no doubts about it. But what about the cases, when someone is unconscious and only conscious believe could heal? What about the small children, babies? Even when reiki is given to plants and animals, they react positively. So what about that?

It is true that when we believe in some thing it is helping more. But Reiki is automatically working and energy is flowing irrespective of your belief, as it is accepted and working on sub-consciousness level. Only one experience with Reiki is sufficient to prove this energy and when we are open for it, this energy is more stronger and deeper. But it still works even if the person is skeptical as some one said: You don’t have to believe that fruit is delicious, you have to taste it to know that it is delicious.

So no doubts reiki works anyways, and better without any preconceived ideas. As in reiki treatment only concentrated form of cosmic energy is used, which is the base of all existence, so it still works, even if we don’t believe in it.

Q2. Would reiki interfare my religion or does it belong to a specific religion?

Ans: reiki doesn’t belong to any religion, it holds no creed or doctrine. It is the most effective way of tranferring universal life energy, so it is universal in nature, not religious. Reiki doesn’t interfare in any religion.

Q3. Can reiki do any harm?

Ans: Reiki can never do any harm. It is very safe and simple form of healing, it can only help the person though. Reiki is love-energy and love can only heal, never harm. This energy connects everyone with unconditional love and brings togetherness, which is the essence of life. So it brings life.

Q4. Can a healer get affected while healing others from their negative energy?

Ans: The healer, who channells this energy for healing somebody can not get any negative energy of the person being treated, as healer doesn’t use his or her own energy for healing. He or she is just a channell for cosmic life energy.

Q5. Who can receive reiki?

Ans: Reiki is open for every one, recieving reiki, in itself it is a beautiful experience. It harmonizes the mind, body and soul. We don’t need to have any specific problem to recieve reiki, but at the same time we can have reiki in any sickness or stressfull moments..

Q6. How does Reiki work?

Ans: Reiki is Healing with energy and we are all made up of energy. When ever there is not a smooth flow of energy in our physical, emotional or mental body, we are getting blocked. Reiki loosens up all the blocked energy and cleans the body. It restores all the balance and promotes body’s natural healing powers.

Q7. Why one needs to be initiated?

Ans: It is very important to become connected to the source so that we can channel this energy. As I just mentioned the word ‘ channel’, so it means this is not our energy but we are acting like a hollow tube from which these energies can flow. This energy comes from somewhere that we can call ‘source’ and we need to get connected with this source. Initiation does this process.

Q8. Does a person need to be initiated again and again?

Ans: No, once a person is initiated , it is for a life time. It is never lost. But in every level person needs to be initiated for that particular level.

Q9. Why 21 days of self – healing program?

Ans: These 21 days are very important, as these are the days when we are getting to know these energies more and more when we work on ourselves. And before we work on others we need to heal ourselves. In this way 21 days are our time to heal and clean ourselves, which is an unending process {our self healing and cleaning} because we live in this world with a lot of negative energies also. But we still are ready to take up this challange to heal others after 21 days.

Q10. Who can learn reiki?

Ans: As reiki is free from any relegion or belief or conditioning, so anyone who is willing to share this energy can learn reiki. It does not need any special education, intellect or any other condition. Age is also no bar. My own youngest student is 8 years old girl and she is really good… I also tought 6 years old boy, even though he was little young, still it was an interesting experience.

Q11. What could be expected while receiving reiki?

Ans: This could not be defined as everyone has different experiences, some feel very relaxed while others cry. Some say they found answers for their questions and some find reasons for their present situations. So no one can ever say that this is exactly you will feel during a session. Even your own experiences could differ from time to time.

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